Friday, May 1, 2009

Social Media Helps Sites Rank Higher

Did you ever wonder whether your business should be doing anything with social media optimization or social media marketing You know, things like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. If you think that these sites are just for the casual use of folks who want to share what they have for lunch, think again. Google and the other search engines are paying close attention to what is going on with these sites and they tend to give them lots of credibility in the search display results. The reason for this is that the search engines love new content and the social media sites and blogs are displaying new content on a regular basis.

I just had a first had example of this. We recently launched a new web site for a local dentist. The site is I have been checking daily to see if the site has been crawled by the Google crawler so the site will be included in the Google index. Of course we did all the "right things" like submitting to the DMOZ project, installing an xml site map and verifying the site via webmaster tools. Still it had been a few days and the crawler had not been there yet.

But today I typed in in the search bar instead of the browser bar and the site did come in the search results for the first time. So the Google crawler has just been there. But guess which page of the site that Google choose to display - well the one blog post we have done so far. Here is the page that was displayed.

Social media optimization does seem to be the fastest way to get on the search engines. Use social media to get your site ranked.

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