Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Search Engine Optimization in the Age of Google Instant

Search engine optimization is a process which gives websites higher rankings based on certain keywords that the user employs to conduct a search. Previous to the introduction of Google Instant, a user would enter a search term and then allow the search engine to begin listing results. However, Google Instant searches simultaneously as the person is typing. For example, if a person begins typing “new” the search engine may display results for “New York City.” As the person enters more information, the search engine refines the displayed results letter by letter, anticipating what the person is searching for.

This technology will have a significant impact on search engine optimization, especially for small businesses. Although refining the keywords that are associated with a company’s website into the most popular and concise form possible has always been important, Google instant amplifies the need for even tighter and more concise phraseology. Businesses also need to consider how they might alter their keywords so that they will appear in searches in which they may not have previously appeared. Because Google instant predicts what a person is going to enter, businesses may be able to capitalize on search engine optimization by emphasizing seemingly unrelated keywords that will cause their website to appear. A pizza company, for example, may want to spend money on the keyword ‘pi,’ even though this has traditionally been a mathematical term.

The particular industry of the small business will also impact how the company approaches search engine optimization. Those companies which have an exceedingly specific market, such as the reproduction of antique style grandfather clocks from 1850’s Germany, is probably going to fare about the same as it always has in search engine optimization. Those individuals who are interested in a specific item are not going to be diverted easily.

However, small businesses that sell a more generic product, such as broomsticks, will have to work much harder at search engine optimization. Although geolocation plays a role in minimizing the number of possible results, generic businesses will still have to focus on buying up individual strings of letters most commonly associated with their products in order to maximize their search engine optimization. The best strategy for search engine optimization in the age of Google Instant is to understand specifically what the company is selling, how fierce the competition is, and how likely it is that people will spend additional time typing in detailed search terms.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What Is Internet Marketing Anyway?

Internet marketing uses a combination of methods to sell items in the global marketplace through the power of the World Wide Web. While the most common method is through an attractive website that ranks high on the first page of results from popular search engines, internet marketing strategies have expanded into other areas in the cyber world including social media sites and smart phone applications. Because the global marketplace continues to grow at a rapid pace, the modern business model can't ignore the advantages of internet marketing.

Search Engines
Most internet users rely on powerful search engines to retrieve relevant information from the internet. Usually, they will make a choice from the first few selections on the initial page of the search results and look no further. If an internet marketing plan can ensure that a website is listed on the first page of Google, it is almost guaranteed to sell a product. Many people use a technique called Search Engine Optimization in an attempt to rank high with the search engines. This free, internet marketing method uses keywords that internet surfers frequently search on for prominent placement on a result page. Another way to rank high is to pay a fee to a specific search engine to become a preferred site for a list of keywords. This can ensure that you are near the top of the page on relevant searches.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing involves compensating others to provide internet marketing services for a product. In return for promoting the product, the affiliate marketer receives a commission if a purchase is made from their site. They will use a variety of search engine optimization techniques, blogging, emails, social networking, forum campaigns, and anything else that they can think of to sell an item or a service. These motivated individuals usually know all of the most effective, cutting-edge internet marketing strategies. To start an affiliate marketing program, a company can contract with a third party or start their own program from their main website.

Social Networking Sites
This is one of the most effective ways to use internet marketing to date. Many internet users are virtually addicted to MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, and large corporations are taking full advantage of this fact. On almost every corporate website, icons for all three of the major social networking sites are displayed in a prominent location. While social networking members are busy meeting people from around the world, they are also exposed to advertisements and offers from the ever-growing global marketplace. One of the fastest growing online occupations is the social networking marketer. Companies hire these experts to leverage the power of social networking sites in addition to creating specialized blogs with frequent updates.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Copywriting and SEO Success

If you’re not making the money you want online, chances are it comes down to where you site is appearing on the search engines. Sites that appear on the first page of the search engines get most of the visits from on line searchers. Sites that appear at the top of the first page get 65% of the visits.

There are two skills that you need in online marketing:

1. Basic Search engine Optimization, and;
2. Copywriting.

Practically everything you do online as a marketer falls back to one of these two core skills.

SEO skills help you connect with qualified streams of online traffic by helping the search engines understand your business. Copywriting skills help you convert traffic into customers and to take the actions that will benefit your business.

To become successful online you need both the buy in of the search engines and the attention of online visitors.