Thursday, September 16, 2010

Copywriting and SEO Success

If you’re not making the money you want online, chances are it comes down to where you site is appearing on the search engines. Sites that appear on the first page of the search engines get most of the visits from on line searchers. Sites that appear at the top of the first page get 65% of the visits.

There are two skills that you need in online marketing:

1. Basic Search engine Optimization, and;
2. Copywriting.

Practically everything you do online as a marketer falls back to one of these two core skills.

SEO skills help you connect with qualified streams of online traffic by helping the search engines understand your business. Copywriting skills help you convert traffic into customers and to take the actions that will benefit your business.

To become successful online you need both the buy in of the search engines and the attention of online visitors.

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