Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Pay-Per-Click, Not Paper Clip!

Just getting the name right can be hard, not to mention running a successful campaign for your business. Many small business advertisers, with their DIY modus operandi, believe they can drive traffic to their website with an inefficient budget of $50 bidding on one or two keywords. During my time as an Internet Consultant I've met many of these guys who complain," Why don't I ever see my ads and how come I never see any traffic from them?"

The answer is that they are not properly using the Three Core Elements of a Paid Search Campaign.
  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Bidding Strategy
  3. Text Ad Creation

These elements are critical to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) success. Let's breifly review each one. If you would like to learn them in more detail, contact us at to reach our expert Internet Consultants.

Step 1: Keyword Research

If you are considering managing your own campaign, take the time to extensively research the search terms that would be best for your business. Free tools such as WordTracker help you to find keywords that are popular but not competitive, A.K.A. keywords with a high KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index).

Another tool called SEMRush allows you to see what keywords your competition is bidding on and for how much! Finding keywords with high KEI is great, but you also need to be found where your competition is, so you can compete with them directly. Combining the data and advertising on all the keywords you've found from both tools will start to get you ahead of the game.

Are you starting to see why a DIY campaign of two keywords and an inefficient budget does not work?

Step 2: Keyword Bidding Strategy

Manually managed PPC campaigns have a simple but time consuming keyword bidding strategy.
  • Keyword research
  • Bid on new keywords
  • Outbid competition

In the mind of the DIY advertiser," I will do my keyword research when I have time away from running my business, then bid on my new and current keywords when I have the time and the budget to implement it." Well, that's not good enough. Keyword research results change all the time as behaviors of Searchers and their search patterns are constantly in flux. Your average, busy business owner/ manager will be constantly behind the competition.

However, they can fix this problem by hiring a salaried employee to do it, or they can go the economical route and hire a professional Internet Consultant. WSI Internet Consultants have simplified PPC marketing for you. We do not charge an hourly rate, making it less expensive than hiring a person to work in-house.

WSI PPC keyword bidding strategy is different, because we
  • Do the Keyword Research for you daily.
  • Bid on hundreds of related keywords for you daily.
  • Combine expert professionals with intelligent technology to keep your campaign optimized daily.
  • Are managing thousands of campaigns for local businesses like yours.
  • Are partners with all the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, AOL, etc.).

Watch a brief video of our PPC strategy on YouTube. You only need to pay a small management fee plus your ad spend, we will take care of the rest.

Step 3: Text Ad Creation

First of all there are rules. Google, Yahoo and the other major Search Engines have rules about what can and cannot be displayed in the text ads. Exclamations are right out. Offer lines are only so many characters long which count spaces and punctuation. Another is that you cannot say you are the "best" if it cannot be verified by a reputable third party. Copyrighted terms like brand names may need special permissions from the copyright holders.

Second, your ads need to be compelling. Try to stand out from your competition with an engaging offer and use strong calls-to-action. "10% off" or "call us today for a special discount" are statements that will grab traffic in the buying phase of the online purchasing cycle. Be sure your ad links directly to the page on your website with the stated offer/ coupon.

Third, you should be AB testing your text ads. That's right, you should have two or more text ads running to learn which offers are more effective for which keywords. You may have to run multiple campaigns to do this. This entails doing keyword research and bidding for each campaign for each Search Engine on which you are advertising.

Does this seem like a lot of work?

Unless you are a business owner with lots of time on your hands, this is too much work. Even your Webmaster does not have this kind of time, because he's busy building websites. Your WSI Internet Consultant will make Pay-Per-Click marketing easy and profitable for you.

We do not need to make changes to your website which means no messy code work for you. We recommend an efficient budget appropriate for your business. We manage your campaign with our expert professionals and our intelligent proprietary software (nobody else can do this). We exclusively optimize and report on your campaigns daily for free! You will always know what your campaign is doing and what your Return on Investment is, which is something the DIY advertiser cannot do themselves.

Call 1-866-690-4249 today or contact us through our Website to speak with a WSI Internet Consultant about starting a successful Pay-Per-Click Marketing campaign.

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