Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Is Online Success?

Simply, just with any business venture, it is a measure of desired results against your investment. How seriously you take your investment has a direct impact on your success.

I have seen how expensive and ineffective websites done by amatures can hurt a small business. Because of our economic times and emerging technologies a new and expanding marketplace has developed on the Internet. The online marketplace is more sophisticated allowing consumers to learn more about the products and services to fullfill their needs.

What does that mean for your business? It means that the investment in your website or virtual storefront needs to be taken as seriously as your physical storefront. Whether you provide goods or services you have invested time and money in a prominent location, training a friendly and engaging staff, and (hopefully) effecient marketing.

Guess what, your website needs to perform as your brick and mortor location. It needs to be in a prominent location i.e. at the top of the search results for keywords related to your business. It needs to be engaging, professional, and informative like your best employees. Lastly, it needs effective marketing such as

  • Pay-Per-Click: Stand out from your competitors
  • Social Media Optimization: Join in the conversation with your customers and manage your brand
  • Display Advertising: Build brand awareness where customers are consuming media

The great thing about succeeding online is that it is easily measurable. You and your professional Internet Marketing supplier should be using analytic tools to measure your return on investment. With them, you can see where traffic is coming from, what they are doing on your website, how they are converting into customers, and at what rate? (more on analytics in a future post or contact me)

Businesses should keep these tips in mind as they build their Internet presence.

  1. Always work with a professional Internet Marketing company.
  2. Always keep your website updated and engaging.
  3. Never stop driving traffic to your website.

Make sure your Internet Marketing company does all of the above. WSI is a world leader in Internet Marketing with 1500 professional Internet Consultants to help your local small-medium sized business. Learn more at http://www.wsimagicweb.com/.

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