Monday, April 27, 2009

DISH Network Partners with Google

As I was relaxing this weekend watching TV I came across a surprising advertisement. The ad announced the partnership between Google and DISH Network. It was surprising because I was under the impression that traditional media was at odds with Google. It turns out that is a great way to form alliances. 

The two allies will offer more efficient television commercials with tracking, reporting, and measurability. Advertisers will be able to use the Google Adwords system to bid on their ad placement. Like YouTube, advertisers can upload their self-created ad but directly to television. In the beginning, DISH Network will populate ads on a few national channels and expand from there. 

DISH Network already has an interactive TV feature, but there are rumors about a full ecommerce enablement further blurring the line between the two medias.  This means advertisers will be able to target by viewing behavior and track activity of ads “clicked”. Subscribers will no longer have to switch between their television and their computer to follow their interests. 

Also rumored is Google Account integration where DISH Network subscribers will be able to login to their Google Accounts with their TV remotes. Once signed-in, Google can serve more Video and Text ads relevant to the user’s television, online and search behavior. Advertisers can look forward to more airtime and higher quality leads once this feature is enabled. 

Google and DISH Network are pioneering this effort reminding us that the future is now. Who will follow Yahoo with Comcast or MSN with AOL Time Warner? All I know is that this development is huge for local and small advertisers as well as the big guys. I was surprised by the ad this weekend, but now I am excited to see what will happen next.


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Andry said...

It is really a surprising advertisement about the partnership between Google and Dish Network. Will they offer more commercials?

Monika said...

No confusion after reading your blog. Again it is proved that Google is miles ahead form others. This is a good acceleration for Dish Network .

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