Friday, April 24, 2009

Create you own Google profile

Well I just created by Google personal profile. Now we will see what happens. I hope I don't get more spam but I'm open to folks finding me. Once you create your personal Google profile the link to it will appear in on your Google page and you can update it at any time.

Here is my personal Google profile : If you want to create your own personal profile to this:

1. Sign in to your Gmail, Adwords, Knol or any other Google account.

2. Open another window and go to google and search for "me" (that's right, just type in those two letters... M and E)

3. Check at the top of the page for a link with the title "Create your own profile on Google"

4. Click on the link and begin

Soon we will all be searchable on the search engines on a personal level. While businesses have been searchable and the search engines have been replacing the yellow pages for business search, now it looks like they may replace the white pages as well.

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