Thursday, October 14, 2010

Web Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing Methods

Web marketing verses television or radio marketing

As the Internet continually advances into the everyday lives of millions of people all over the world, many businesses and organizations are steadily turning from the use of traditional forms of advertising, such as television and radio, to more advanced advertising strategies in an effort to reach a more massive audience through the use of web marketing. While the traditional marketing mediums of television, radio and print still carry a great deal of significance, new technology and greater advancements in the world of global marketing have opened the doors to highly innovative and profitable Internet advertising designs and web marketing strategies. Following are just a few of the ways Internet marketing excels in the global marketing enterprise:

*Target Audience— Web marketing is much more effective than traditional advertising methods in reaching a target audience. While traditional marketing methods have the capability of targeting particular demographics, these methods simply cannot compare to the precision Internet marketing has upon audience targeting. Through a variety of innovative web marketing strategies, a business can accurately target even the smallest of audiences. Internet marketing has the potential to reach a multitude of target audiences all over the world.

*Measurability— Brand awareness is more difficult to measure with traditional advertising methods than it is with web marketing. While traditional marketing methods certainly have their benefits when it comes to branding, business owners are finding that web marketing provides a more measurable means of spending. It is important to know that every dollar put into the marketing of your product is spent wisely. Through the use of Internet marketing, you are able to see the results of your marketing efforts than you are with traditional advertising methods. Web marketing allows you to see accurate facts and details regarding the results of your spending.

*Constant Source of Advertising— In contrast to radio or television, web marketing allows for a constant source of advertising. When a potential customer sees or hears an advertisement for your product on the television or radio, it only provides a brief impression and source of information. With Internet marketing, potential customers are provided with a way to view your advertisement for a longer period of time and gain information through a permanent online address that can be visited anytime the customer needs information about your business or product. Through web marketing, your business receives consistent and permanent advertising.

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