Friday, October 22, 2010

Google Gives Us A Hint

Have you ever wanted to see inside the Google brain and figure out how to use their ideas and algorithims to get your site ranking on the search engines keywords. Google is giving us a hint with the Google wheel. It's kind of like mind mapping where you start with a central idea and go in many directions to see what is related and it can branch on and on.

I did a search for "google wonder wheel" and I get this. Google is showing us other keyword phrases that Google believes are relevant  and related for this search. Now we can see into the Goolge brain.
How can this help you get better ranking on the search engines? Well we know that when the Google spider crawls a web site it looks for keywords related to the description and they look for related keywords. This is called (sorry for the technical term) Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI will help your web pages rank better simply because the search engines will understand them better. So if you want to improve your ranking on the web crawler try looking into the Google brain with the Google wonder wheel.

I wanted to give you an example of this at work so I created a Google wonder wheel  for the search term "ranking on the search engines. Look back in this post to see the use of the other related terms that google gives me. Just weave LSI terms in where they work in your writings and the search engines will respond by ranking your site higher.

To find the Google wonder wheel just click on More after a search. and choose the Wonder Wheel from the list on the left.

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