Friday, November 13, 2009

Recent News from Google

Google wants to publish out-of-print books online. Readers that I’ve talked to are encouraging the move by the search engine giant. Although, the courts see it differently, they want to make sure Google isn’t stepping on any anti-trust laws.

The authors and publishers have given their consent to Google to release their material. Should the case go in favor of Google, the out-of-print authors could reach out to an audience when they could not before. Readers will be able to read the author’s works online, on their phone, iPod Touch, or on the new electronic readers that have recently come onto the market.

The public will be able to read this material for free, but Google has to pay for the rights and set-up of the service. How will they do it? Well, the same way they have always done it: advertising revenues. This is just speculation on my part, but I foresee them placing ads on the margins of e-books that they publish.

Businesses wish to reach a captive audience might want to watch as this story develops. Imagine a group of potential customers reading books that your business sponsors! Your ad would be displayed on every page giving you repetition, retention, increased brand awareness nudging potential customers page by page toward consideration. It would be like having your product displayed in every scene of a movie.

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